11.24.2001 - 7:29 p.m.
The One With The Ant On The Speaker

Do you ever get that thing sometimes where you realize you've been taken something for granted for as long as you've had it but you suddenly realize what a miracle it is? Do you ever get that thing where you realize there is an ant crawling on your speaker?

I get both those things. I just realized how wonderful my computer was and I take joy in clicking things now with the mouse. Woohoo. And I just smashed the ant, so it's now permanently encrusted on my speaker. Also, I accidentally stuck the sleeve of my shirt into a slice of greasy, fresh pizza and so now my shirt smells like pizza and will probably be stained- yes, my beautiful, brand-new, light blue, long-sleeved shirt. But then, who knows?

Anyway, last night, I make these arrangements with Tina to go shopping today. My dad even talks to her on the phone. He agrees to bring me to his work (he owns a store at the mall) in the morning and she can meet us there.

He wakes me up this morning. "Want some of this water?"


"Okay, you can put it here when you're done, I'm leaving."

"To work?"


"What about Tina?" I ask.

"What about her?"

I then give my dad 'the look', where you're kind of amazed somebody can be so clueless.

"She called last night."

I expected him to say something like, 'Oh, right', but-

"She did? You should have told me! When?"


"You talked to her!"

I figured then, he'd remember and go, 'Oh!', and-

"What? You must have been dreaming."

Uh, okay.

So, a few hours later, everything's all fixed up.

Anyway, I blew all my money on this excellent Christmas present for my mom. 4 stores and probably 4 or 5 hours, and I succeeded in getting her the most thoughtful present I think I've ever gotten anyone, and I think she'll like it.

But I have no money for anyone else.

I also have suspicions that Tina bought me the Rocky Horror Picture Show on DVD, which has to be the World's Coolest DVD (she has it and I've borrowed it). Except for maybe Planet of the Apes, from what I've heard, but I have to watch it and experiment to be able to tell you. We were at Target and she also bought me this Sponge Bob Square Pants shirt that I saw. It was so cool! But I don't get it till Christmas. Oh well, I guess I can wait. She also looked for something else to buy my little sister. We spent most of the time looking for a present in the aisle that has things like Tickle Me Elmo and such. I spent half the time with the Tickle Me Cookie Monster in my hands and running around like a little kid, pressing all the buttons on things and such. I saw more mature three year-olds in the store. Yeah, they think they're so cool, parading around, being all mature- as if they know what mature is! So I can only say this to them: Neener neener boo boo!

So. I'm bored. I've just sat here at my keyboard for two or three minutes trying to think of something else to type and have come up with positively nothing. But I do know how to say 'bitch' in over 6 languages. Cool, huh?

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